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That month alone, Ariana Grande ended a long-term relationship with Miller and he was later arrested for driving under the influence. Miller advances as an artist while persevering over a new hiccup with drugs or depression or his personal life, all the while an existential quandary looms: Who is Mac Miller?

Mac Miller: Drake, Chance the Rapper, J. Cole, Halsey Pay Tribute to Late Rapper

In , at just 18, Miller released two mixtapes— K. They made Miller an overnight sensation.

He became the most popular rapper—hell, artist —amongst young, suburban white dudes. Count me and my childhood friends in that group. The music of Miller and his peers was shallow; it was essentially hip-hop filtered through Pineapple Express or Project X. Miller and his cohort built their following through rap blogs speaking of uncool, my friends and I had one called ThatCrackMusic , but they barely crossed into the mainstream before the rest of the Internet tore them down.

And yet, it was a ginormous hit, debuting at No. That confluence of poor quality and massive success, in hindsight, was a recipe for disaster. Critics widely panned the album; Pitchfork famously gave it 1. The critiques of the subgenre were fair, but Miller bore the outsized brunt of them—especially considering he never went to college and was significantly younger than his peers. This was the early days of social media, mind you. In a interview with Complex , Miller alluded to the harsh Blue Slide Park reviews as a reason he developed substance abuse problems.

He matured as an artist on each subsequent record, getting darker, weirder and more introspective before, on Swimming , going funky and more melodic. I know this for a fact because when I asked him about it a week ago, the year-old artist pulled up an app on his iPhone to make sure he got the exact number of days right. At 19, he released his very first album, Blue Slide Park , which became the first independent debut album to enter at the top of the Billboard charts in 16 years.

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Before he had even reached the legal drinking age, Miller was touring around the world with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. As is the case with so many talented young people who become rich and successful at lightning speed, soon enough, Miller was pretty heavily hooked on drugs. His latest album, The Divine Feminine , which debuted at number two last week , is unabashedly romantic and a huge departure from his former frat-rap days.

Gone are the lyrics about drugs, money, and death; instead, The Divine Feminine is upbeat, hopeful, and pretty damn sexy, too. A few weeks before the song came out, TMZ outed them as a couple with grainy photos of the two kissing on a dinner date. Grande recently made their relationship Instagram official with a post that has garnered more than 1 million likes. It makes sense. I think love is the coolest thing that there is. This whole album is about love. When did you start writing it? Were you in the process of falling in love? It was literally after I moved to New York and finished the last album, so just about a year ago.

I think I was tired about talking about the same stuff.

Mac Miller - Drop The Thank You Based God On National TV

I wanted a new emotion to go all the way in on. I think it also opened the door for me to become a bit more vulnerable with how I speak and what I say and how I use my voice.

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The project was just going to be five songs, but I was enjoying so much of this world that I put myself into. I had this mixtape that was called Macadelic , and the concept was: What are the similarities between love and drugs? This is a less dark version of that. Did Ariana have any influence musically on the album? And I get it.

I had talked about doing a record with her for the album.

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  6. And then, after that. Her voice introduces the whole album, but who are the other women on the first track?

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    And the other voice is Kilo Kish, who is just such a creator and pure and an incredible soul. When that came on, I was just sitting there bawling. I was gathering different soundbites of women I knew. You see your parents struggle—you know, my parents sleep in separate bedrooms—but my grandfather, every single night, until the day he died, he did not go to sleep until he told my grandmother that he loved her. Is she psyched about being on the album? Did you write this song when you were together? But the funny thing is that we made that song before we even got together.

    We were friends. But there was obviously something there between the two of you. Well yeah, obviously. So you had an agenda? How have you handled your recent sobriety? I am actually completely sober for the first time. When you first get sober you feel like a superhero. How long have you been sober?

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    Ninety will be a big one. Getting over the hump was difficult; getting there was the most difficult thing, deciding to make that change. What do you think about some people calling The Divine Feminine a feminist, or woke, rap album? I think more people do it than [you realize]. Which love songs would you dedicate to girls in high school? Why not? I was really anti-feeling good before.