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Need to track employee time? Download these free weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly timesheet templates in Microsoft Excel, Word, Google Sheets and PDF.
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You can also use an automated time tracking tool instead of filling out spreadsheets or PDFs manually. Using an automated time tracking tool like Time Doctor will give you far more accurate reports with zero manual effort — saving you time and money. To learn about how Time Doctor automatically tracks time for you, jump to this section of this article. Weekly Timesheet templates are used when you calculate work hours and pay periods on a weekly basis. You can change this manually.

Total employee hours worked are calculated automatically. You only need to enter your Time In and Time Out data. Automatic calculations only apply to these versions: Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. If you calculate work hours and pay periods every two weeks, a biweekly timesheet template would suit you better. This timecard template is more detailed as it provides an overview of your monthly work hours and pay as well as a weekly breakdown of that data.

You can even divide this into a semi monthly timesheet. You can change this manually by entering any date of the month you want to create a timesheet for.

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Total employee hours worked are calculated automatically on a monthly basis in this free monthly timesheet. Total Pay is calculated automatically based on the Rate Per Hour that you set and the pay period. Using spreadsheets or docs to track time has several limitations.

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  • Weekly Timesheet Template | Free Time Sheet for Excel!

There are a hoard of possibilities arising from human error that could lead to massive mistakes in excel timesheets. For example, simply using the wrong formulas, incorporating wrong formats or mistakenly leaving out key figures can lead to massive miscalculations in employee pay rates. In fact, one of the most common human errors made in excel timesheets is mistakenly deleting them. Trying to retrieve these deleted sheets can be a very difficult task and inevitably lead to crises.

There may even be unintentional errors in reporting actual hours worked. Time sheets are based on reported hours worked, manually inserted in the spreadsheets. A discrepancy of about minutes every day may not be an issue, but when this difference climbs up, you could lose a lot of money. This difficulty has massive implications when the updates are seen too late and the employee has already been billed for a lower amount of hours than actually worked.

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What this means is that quite often, to save space, earlier edition of reports are written over and updated. In addition, these reports can get lost in the managers inbox or they can get the wrong, outdated version of the file. The more an Excel sheet is updated or shared, the higher the chances of the file getting corrupted and unusable. If you need a more efficient way to track time, something that takes less of your time to manage and analyze, an automated online tracking tool is for you.

Professional timesheet software like Time Doctor is a great alternative to manual employee time sheets. Time Doctor is a time tracking tool that gives you automated reports about your employees work activities including:. Employees have to start a timer related to a task and Time Doctor runs in the background logging how much time the employee spends on that specific task. There is no need for any manual timesheet calculator — they just have to log in and out. It makes the entire process of time tracking for individual tasks that much simpler. This is a very useful feature and not usually available in this simplistic form in other time tracking tools like Dovico timesheet software, Toggl , etc.

You can turn off this feature if you wish. If you do use this, we recommend that you inform your employees that you are taking screenshots.

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You can view data on multiple parameters at the blink of an eye. CSV or. XLS formats to make it easy to store. With this, you can see what each individual team member was working on in a given period. Like a project timesheet, the projects report focuses on individual projects.

Weekly Timesheet Template | Free Time Sheet for Excel

You get a breakdown of the amount of time spent on the task in total as well as identifying which team member spent the most time on it. The attendance report makes tracking absentees in a remote team much easier. Time Doctor has a built-in safeguard to ensure that your employees are spending time in the right places. Sites like Reddit, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc are all categorized as potential poor time use this list is customizable and the feature can be disabled.

This report showcases all the Internet usage and application activity of each employee. Time Doctor provides your employees with all the security they need concerning their privacy when using a time tracking app. Also if a screenshot was taken when they were on a break and forgot to pause Time Doctor, they have the option to delete it.

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Time Doctor has multiple integrations with tools that your team may already be using like Todoist and Slack- making the transition to using an employee time tracking software from a traditional spreadsheet that much more simple. Samples are available on the website to view sheet examples of how companies have been incorporating these timesheet templates and making their work simpler when it comes to saving time, energy and resources. With this template keeping track of the employees becomes much easier and quicker. The template allows employers to check the working schedule of the employees according to working days, hours, days of the week, department, work mode, and shifts.

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This would keep the fool-hardiness of the templates intact and therefore by default, their reliability as well.